is a six-piece, hard-driving bluegrass band, performing original tunes and off-the-beaten-path standards, with a focus on the duet singing of husband-and-wife pair Geoff and Christina Union.  Award-winning instrumental work, a powerful rhythmic drive, uptempo arrangements and edgy, outsider songwriting are the marks of their style... more

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Jan 20, 2015           
             Looks like we made it to another year, which is pretty significant in Ragged Union land since we’ve only had one year so far anyways! We’ve got some great shows coming up in January and February, including the very first UllrGrass festival in Golden. In February we’ll be honored to perform at the Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival in Broomfield (that’s north Denver for y’uns out o’ towners), and the next week we’ll appear at the “Bluegrass at the Audi” series at the, wait for it, Broomfield Auditorium. Guess we’ll be touring Broomfield…..
            But the thing we’re most excited about is the at-long-last completion of our first album. “Hard Row to Hoe” will be mixed and mastered by the end of January. Look for it to start appearing online later in February or March. We’ll have some pre-release copies to sell at our shows if you’re in the area. We’ll announce the official release and for sale date soon.
            Ragged Union is proud to have Andrew Bonnis join us on upright bass – Andrew started picking with us in December and has been tearing it up. He just comes along and picks up the tempo like a ski lift, you don’t have to do nothing but stand there and not fall over! He can sing too!
We had a chance to take some new band photos, out in the snow, with talented Longmont photographer Josh Elioseff about two weeks ago – we’ll be posting new photos throughout the winter – check the websites. And keep up with us on facebook.com/raggedunionatx for the latest details, show event invites, news and mind-altering information such as deets on the earliest emanations of Ragged Union merchandise…whats it gonna be, a pencil? A spare tire cover? Maybe a superhero lunchbox… who knows?
Happy Winter, see y’all around!

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