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Headed for Utah! 

June has been an exciting month! Our first Bluegrass Tribute to Led Zeppelin show was awesome. We had the near-packed house at Cervantes rocking and rolling. It was a total blast to play those all songs we all grew up with, Christina killed it on the vocals, and Pat fiddle was on the edge of having a conniption the whole night, which is right where he likes to play. We'll get some video highlights up soon, and stay tuned for the next installment of that show - it was so much fun we'll definitely do it again.

This week we're headed off for the weekend to sunny Utah! First stop will be Avogadro's Number in Ft Collins (6.25), because you know, Ft Collins is on the way somehow, then we'll visit Park City's Miner's Park for their summer concert series "Mountain Town Stages" (6.26). Saturday we'll head down to Cedar City for the GrooveFest Americana Music Festival. We'll be doing our Ragged Union set on the Main Stage in the late afternoon, followed by our Zeppelin Tribute at 10pm at Mike's Tavern. C-Bob gets to do a banjo workshop as well, which I should probably tell him about...!

Visit the Tour page for all our upcoming shows, thanks for coming around!

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