is a six-piece, hard-driving bluegrass band, performing original tunes and off-the-beaten-path standards, with a focus on the duet singing of husband-and-wife pair Geoff and Christina Union.  Award-winning instrumental work, a powerful rhythmic drive, uptempo arrangements and edgy, outsider songwriting are the marks of their style... more

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       Things have been going well in the studio – we have 13 songs (!) almost all done. Ten originals, including 2 instrumentals, and 3 covers, including one Neil Young song. We’ll keep which one it is a secret for now. We’re awful excited about all of it, but, for now we have to take a break so we can do our little England Trio Tour, which starts tomorrow! We’ll have 5 shows ahead of the Lancaster Music Festival, at which we’ll have something like 8 shows in three days. Dang! See the tour page for details. And wish us luck driving on the wrong side of the road! This will be Jordan Ramsey’s first trip “across the pond” – maybe next year we can bring the whole band.           
       When we get back it’ll be time for some Oskar Blues (Oct. 24) and then some Halloween Hoedown with Grant Farm and Danny Shafer at the Walnut Room. Y’all Come! And tell your friends!