‘There’s a million bands out there today, some focused on the party, others focused on the purity. The only way to distinguish yourself is to be yourself, and fortunately for me, thats all I can do!’ - Geoff Union

          Songwriter Bluegrass. A particular confluence of ideas - the sound of bluegrass and string band musics including Hartford, Rice, Blake, Barnes, with a lyrical perspective at times personal, at times universal, but never hewing to one formula. Add in the occasional dash of rock and roll, and perhaps you have described the scope of Geoff Union’s music. From the early sophisticated rock days of Austin, Texas, in the mid ‘90s, to acoustic duo Alive and Well, then the Two High String Band and presently Ragged Union, the themes of the simple along with the unexpected, the obscure along with the recognizable, remain constant i the music. 

          Ragged Union began in late 2013 in Golden, Colorado, with Geoff and wife, Christina. The couple moved to Boulder a few years later, and led the band onto national and international festival and concert stages, and the release of three albums (Hard Row to Hoe (2015), Time Captain (2017), and Live at Leeds (2018).  Personnel have included some of Colorado’s finest sidemen, and while currently Christina does not perform with the band, Geoff continues to produce music that traditional and progressive fans of the bluegrass and string band genres find to be memorable and of the highest quality.